We currently have the following catalog items for sale. Each of these items can be, viewed in person, at the Firehouse. Please click on the catalog categories below to link to each respective web page. On the web pages you will find pictures and complete descriptions of each item. We update the inventory on this page about twice a month. We buy and sell frequently. Please bookmark this web page and visit it often.Remember, we do have additional furniture, If you are searching for a specific item please let us know.

Catalog Catefories


We offer most items in the same condition as we purchased them. We will describe most items with regard to the surface: original finish, refinished, original paint or otherwise, and we will try to add our opinion about the quality of the surface in the description. Our opinion, of course, being an opinion, will be a combination of objectivity and subjectivity based on our experience. We will make every effort to point out any defects and restorations we notice. With regard to the dimensions of pieces, we will always measure the widest, deepest and tallest parts unless otherwise noted. Certainly if you have any other questions about an item you are welcome to email us or call for specific information.


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